Dr. Michele Noonan – The Neuro Goddess Is Making Her Rounds

Moving Forward.
While making my daily web rounds, I came across something or someone that is most definitely worthy of notice within my email box.

This young lady is a reality show star, author, and other things; including a what? You’ve guessed it, a neuroscientist. Now if I had to put it together in five minutes or less, I would say that there may be a need for some organization to push the brains + beauty envolope and deliver the package fully intact and maintain the balnce of the concept, so let the record reflect that since this is a Lifestyle Publication dedicated to proving life betterment solutions for our valued readers, we can go ahead and think and act outside of the box by introducing a fail proof solution tfor one of the most daunting challenges faced by the U.S.A., which is an efficient overhall of the U.S. healthcare system.

What you see is what you get, so we invite you to go ahead and view her personal health and wellness website listed below to form your own opinions as to whether or not the end results are in fact extremely theraputic.


Michele Noonan

@neurogoddess Hollywood, CA
Adorkable neuroscientist, reality TV star, host & writer. Jersey girl at heart. Check out my other twitter w/health tips & science news @doctormichele.