Spiritual Bankruptcy – The Crisis Behind The Debt Crisis

The term “spiritual bankruptcy” is a word used in the rooms of 12 step programs to characterize addicts who have lost their connection to “higher power.” One dictionary definition describes spiritual bankruptcy as “a state of complete lack of some abstract property.” As we begin the year, I’ve been pondering what I believe “spiritual bankruptcy” means and how it appears in the people I know personally and treat in my practice.

Source:  Kalila Borghini, LCSW and Ordained Yoruba Priest, Spirituality Topic Expert Contributor @GoodTherapy.org

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome home to the final Tuesday Newsday installment for July 2011.
If we have made it this far, we can be thankful in my honest opinion and we can simply consider this as a continuation of the very last post in this section regarding the subject of debt crisis and likewise move forward to the most frequent outcome of debt, which is known as Bankruptcy.

Today, I will be doing things a bit differently for some new and improved results by referring our viewers to a website that I frequent, known as GoodTherapy.org regarding the subject of
Spiritual Bankruptcy in hopes of doing my part to redistribute the wealth, which according to the wise, actually all begins and ends with the condition of ones mental, physical, and emotional health.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

A different perspective to consider.