The Royal Wedding Revisited – Civil Unrest In The United Kingdom Erupts.



Tuesday Newsday it is, and today’s story is told from an on the flip side perspective with a few short and simple sentences.
As an individual who communicates with people from all over the galaxy via social media outlets, I do have the opportunity to gain first hand accounts of what is actually taking place as far as general sentiment and the  validity of news reports from different regions, and with the current civil unrest taking place in The United Kingdom, the feedback that I received just after the Royal Wedding was simply that the kingdom was everything but united as the global recession has visited Britain as equally as in America and elsewhere, and the feedback now appears to be making itself manifest for the world to see.

It would seem that the suppressed part of the story regarding the bliss of the kingdom and all of the media coverage that it received plays a huge part in igniting the youth of the nation in a bout of civil unrest as the Prince and the suspect were both the same age of 29 years.

In closing, it always has shown through studies of history that if a kingdom is experiencing a period of drought or even famine, it is up to the members of the royal family to do whatever is in their power to rectify the problem, or tighten up their own belts and make sacrifices along with the rest of the kingdom, lest the “off with the head” phrase, popularized by dissatisfied English citizens of the past become an actual reality.

A different perspective to consider.