DEMOS Documentary – An Independent Artists' Guide To Success

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Speaking from the heart as you have become accustomed to hearing from me, I can say that this week and month have been one of the most progressive that I have experienced in a good while with less effort on my part, and interestingly enough, it is during the exact same period in time where life scenarios around the globe are rapidly changing, for better or worse depending on the onlookers perspective.

On this end, I was privileged to have connected with a good buddy from High School that I have not seen in quite a few years, yet it was right at the same exact time that I was further pondering on ways to make things better for myself and others in the process by using the skills and talents afforded to me by The Creator, and it just so happens that Kareem Fort is on the exact same page, as he and his partners are currently putting together the final pieces for the release of this insightful edutainment documentary known as DEMOS.

Demos is a documentary that was created to educate and inspire the emerging hip-hop independent artist to accelerate their career. Its primary objective is to provide insight on the myriad of ways to establish or further enhance a successful independent music career. Industry veterans along with well established indie artists will share their experiences, advice and techniques providing an invaluable and unprecedented resource for the up and coming artist. From scholarly advice about branding and getting noticed to revelations about submitting content to media outlets, Demos is a film that should be on any musician’s “must-see list!

Demos will expound upon how the industry has transformed over the years. Through the industry’s overhaul, the artist needs to now empower and equip themselves with this essential information to maximize their chances of success. The music industry is ever-changing and to keep up, you must be well equipped; DEMOS is the tool to create a metamorphosis within an artist career.


It is the tradition of this online publication to invite our valued viewers to investigate and form their own opinions about showcased products and causes as we simply act as a filter organization with the duty of placing the content in front of you that we believe is most worthy of your valuable investment of time and notice, so in closing, let the record reflect that JOB CREATION is at the top of the list of priorities for leaders in both the public and private sector, and the words “SUCCESS & INDEPENDENT” as listed in the title of this post are what we believe to be the primary ingredients necessary for effective end results in regards to this task, so I offer a sincere nod of gratitude and respect to the individuals who have created this DEMOS Documentary movement as a valuable resource tool to be utilized in pursuit of achieving the goal of success.

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