August 2011 End Of The Month Self Analysis – By Rylan Branch

Goin' Hollywood - Circa 2005

As it happens sometimes, while the calendar says it is Tuesday, my mind says it is Friday, and as I am looking to head over to the University Library to do some research, I got pulled into the past through an online conference which required that I open up the Photobucket galleries.

As inspired by the 9/11 interview with George W. Bush which led me to reflect on the past, these galleries stretch back to the year 2004 and tell an extremely interesting picture story which I am looking for ways to introduce for 2011, yet I guess it is best to start with this particular image that I use for my avatar here on PH and forgot was in full size in the Photobucket galleries.

Back in 2005 when I returned from an eight month visit to Atlanta GA, the first thing on my mind was to head to the scene in order to re-up on what was what. The name of the club was XES which has probably had at least 5 name changes since that year as is frequent in Hollywood, yet The Game seems to be eternal.

When we arrived at the event through some VIP connects that were initiated upon my return, we approached the bar area, and i saw this attractive female standing solo and for whatever reason, we got into a discussion.

Her story was that she was an artists on a local record label and was in the process of promoting herself at the event, which led to me sharing some additional insight in regards to what I have seen and experienced, yet I had not had the chance to purchase a drink before we began speaking, so when the brief chat was over and she was about to leave, she too saw that I had not had the chance to order, so she asked what I was drinking.

I had to think about it for a second because it (a drink) was not on my mind but she was the actual reason why I was in the bar area, and since she seemed intuitive enough to put it all together, she handed me the drink that she had just purchased that you see me holding in the image.

My partner who was with me decided to snap a photo and the rest is mystery.

The moral to the story?

Well, its as if taking those same set of actions is what I am called to do, as if in some otherworldly kind of way,holding in depth conversations with certain members of the opposite sex is my 9-5 occupation and The Creators plan for job creation.


Just a self analysis of one of many days and nights in the life of yours truly, for myself and others who may find it to be of some use and interest as
a different perspective to consider.