Sucker MC's – Rev Run Wisdom (Sacred Text)

"$5 Dollar Boy, & Im A $Million Dollar Man, You're A SUCKER MC And You're My Fan" Sucka MC's by RUN DMC

Rev Run

Rev Run

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Words of wisdom non-stop.. Pls don’t be offended if I don’t reply or follow u, But I Love you!

Yes indeed.
The power and value of The Game is again demonstrated through the simple fact of just how many young women actually follow the excerpts of Joseph Simmons aka Rev Run to an extent that could be classified as religiously, so to pay my respects, I decided to go back to the original texts from my teenage years to communicate a message that would show to be just as if not more relevant today as it was during the time of its creation, so observe if you will.

A wisdom prespective to consider.