“Tipping My Hat To Haters & Lames” – A Candid & Insightful Discussion With Raya Reaves

PH: This image comes attached withe the message “TIPPIN MY HAT to HATERS & LAMES”. How do you define both terms and what/who prompted you to make this statement?

RR: I was never raised to hate or be jealous of what others have. I was taught to work hard for anything that I did want. The easy way out was never an option. With that said, I was referring to “Haters & Lames” as individuals who had reached out to me personally with only negative things to say. The jealousy and negativity in these individuals was crystal clear. This picture was my ode to them. Keep doing what you are doing so that I can continue to do my best and contradict all your opinions.

PH: Ok, so you’re on the 405 Freeway near LAX and you look up and see a billboard with an image of a woman who looks a lot like you. Then you reflect and say “Oh, Wait, Yeah, That IS Me”. Now what thoughts and feelings come to you after seeing yourself as many others do on a daily basis from this same point of view?

RR: This is my first billboard. I was a lifestyle model for an advertising campaign for Kumho Tires. I wasn’t aware that I would be on a billboard until a friend said she saw me on one. I had to see for myself. Pulling up to the billboard I was actually nervous! Not many people can say they have been on a billboard. There’s a feeling of satisfaction that comes with seeing myself up there. Also a feeling of determination. I want another billboard, and I want it to be of me in a major TV series or something of the sort. I still have a long way to go.

PH: Now this image represents you in model mode, and there are some characteristics that obviously cause you to attract attention, including but not limited to Stacey Dash comparisons. With your multi ethnic background, what would you like for this image to say about you as a model?

RR: I like this image because it is not all body. This is more of a beauty shot. Ultimately I would like for this picture to say that as a model I shouldn’t be categorized in the
“Urban Candy” world. There’s more to me than just body. Beauty also attracts a lot of attention. Being able to be versatile all aspects of modeling, I feel, will lead to longer careers. A sexy body won’t last and there are a million pretty faces, but being able to be universal will add appeal and keep people interested.


PH: So you’re out and about doing the LA Lifestyles thing hanging out with a friend at Staples Center enjoying what appears to be a Clippers game. If the cameras were to zoom in for a 20 second take, what would you tell the world?

RR: If there were cameras rolling, I would tell the world: “Thanks for tuning in everyone, I want to make this the most interesting 20 seconds of your life! I’m here at the Clippers VS Heat game watching a friend play and enjoying life. There’s nothing better to me than being around good people, with good food, watching sports! Find what ever it is that can make you forget about your problems and daily stresses, and use it to relax your mind for a few hours. Life is too short to dwell on things you can’t control. I hope I left you with wise words, now be sure to keep an eye out for me and follow up with me on my personal website Rayareaves.com!”

PH: Between us and our viewers, I have had the experience of going to an event hosted by print magazine models and talent, only to arrive and learn that what I see in the magazine, is not really what I may see in person, yet this image shows that you could actually get away with what you were naturally blessed with and accomplish the same if not more with less. How do you feel about this type of scenario taking place and have you heard of any similar sentiments?

RR: It is funny that you mention that, and you couldn’t be more right. I have seen for myself different models and entertainers in person who look nothing like their pictures. This obviously brings up questions such as, “If so and so doesn’t really look like that, how did they fall into modeling in the first place?” Insinuating that maybe they used their “assets” to get certain shoots. This has been the case on a few occasions, but others times these people may just have attention grabbing appeal. One thing people do need to understand though is that ALL pictures, magazines, shoots are edited. The key for most editors or photographers is to find the models that need the least amount of editing.

PH: We are casting for a new prime time sitcom and this headshot appears on the table and jumps out amongst the rest of the submissions, and we may decided to conduct some research about you, yet before we do, you can save us some valuable time by telling us that what we need to know about Raya Reaves the Actress is what?

RR: The most important point I would note is that I have experience! I’ve been acting since I was 9 years old and I’ve been working on-camera productions since I was 11. I’m very comfortable on camera and I take direction very well. I have great memory usage and can knock out a cold read audition. The only thing I need is a chance!

PH: You are in the office on a casual work day, and from my understanding, you are a student at Cal State Northridge majoring in Finance, so if a high paying position as an executive at our online publication was to be offered to you and you accepted, and this was a similar type of office setting, what would you add more of and seek for there to be less of?
(Side Note – We have +$100 million dollar dot com venture capital funding to be used at our discretion)

RR: I actually graduated from Cal State Northridge with my Finance degree. I will also be going back for a second degree in Computer Information Technology next year. If I work in this type of setting full time, I would make it as vivacious as possible. I would request color and natural light be mandatory. I would do away with the typical cubicle setting and incorporate a different desk style. I would strive to make work a great place to spend most of the day. With good people and good workspace, jobs would get done better. This is because people would want to come to work and doing something that they love makes it seem more like a hobby than a job.

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