Eazy-E Says "Im Comin' Off Hard In The Third Dimension" – Eazy-er Said Than Dunn

“so pay attention by the way I must mention
with the glare, but you don’t need no glasses to stare
just pop your tape in and it’s just like your there
with the E on the gangsta tip,
so if you think I’m a flip or slip don’t even trip”

– Eazy-E
Eazy-er Said Than Dunn Lyrics

This is just a follow up to the last entry in the technology gadgets section here at PimpHop.com as well as a personal testimonial as to the reasons why it is never wise to underestimate the Power of The Pimpin, due to the facts which show that Eazy E and NWA were discussing 3D applications in their lyrics and styles back in the late 80’s which led to what it resulted in, including but not limited to,

Lion King 3D - September 2011 Release

the growing popularity of and advancements in 3D technology as of 2011.

See for yourself and consider it as a previous and still valid perspective to consider.