She Needs Her Daddy – The REALITY Of Basketball Wives & All ‘Wives’ Shows

An Emotional Evelyn Lozada - Reunited With Her Father

Lets keep this one short and simple, all the way relevant for the first full week of October 2011.
The simple cause and effect that is shown in this reality series known as Basketball Wives, and actually all of the shows with a similar theme show the results of girls/women who grew up without, find themselves missing, and in need of a father figure.

Shouts going out to Eveyln Lozada and the VH1 staff for slipping the truth in under the radar for those who are interested in such, and as an added bonus, compliments of Your Friendly Neighborhood, we will leave you with this song from a popular song bird from the same set of circumstances that can confirm the claim most effectively as we work to provide a correction for the direction in which things for oh so many appear to be heading.