Is It Pimpish To Roll In A Prius?


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Is It Pimpish To Roll In A Prius?
This is an interesting question, yet one that has a simple answer which is that it like anything else is whatever one chooses to make it be, and with super spectacular pimp powers, I see fit to make it a yes answer for the question.

Now that the term has been defined, we can say that it is pimpish because the word itself is really about the order of things and what takes precedence or more simply put, what comes first.

In this particular instance, it is shifting the priority list to place intelligence and wisdom first and the appearance secondary and the wisdom of this vehicle and type of thinking shows a better looking financial status and bank statement in most cases, and if an individual wants to place both out for public display, it is their choice.

As far as the vehicle made by Toyota is concerned, I do invite you to visit the website and soak up some of the futuristic innovation concepts in hopes that it may lead you to a shift in your definitions of may be considered as sexy.

Google Self Drive Concept Prius


Take a ride inside the Google Self-Driving Car as it takes over a closed circuit track at top speed