YOU'RE DOING GOOD – Your Weekly Compliment – Sunday 10/9/2011

Welcome Home.
Sometime last year, I used to post these weekly compliments just to lighten the mood a bit and do a more effective job by saving the time that it would take to get this compliment out to each and every individual one by one and keeping the post in an easy to find central location, yet I somehow got side tracked by what I must have then believed to be more important matters.

Fast forward to 2011 and I now realize that no other matter shows to be
more important on the Internet as social media is designed to give and receive messages and the message that shows to be in the most demand is a positive message received, you know, like a compliment.

As a result, I am upgrading by offering a brief 30 seconds or less clip as it gives the compliment a face and voice for those who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they deserve it as well as for those who are kinda sure but need some solid reassurance.



Got it.
Good, now on with the show.