If You Dont Have An iPhone, You Just Aint Pimpin’ – Part 2

Real quick.
If you missed part 1 of this installment the link is below in bold print.

If You Dont Have An iPhone, You Just Aint Pimpin’ – PH Apple Brand Remix!


Now the insiders state that that which truly upgrades is that which makes things easier, so I will simplify on the concept from the previous entry by stating that as outlandish as a claim that it may have appeared to be at the time of its creation, the recent release of the iPhone 4S offers users a voice recognition service known as Siri, which is a female voice that requires the users input and instructions in order to perform her tasks, which would reflect that the original statement was and is in fact relevant and simple, yet I wouldn’t advise you to take my word for it, but rather the word of and demonstration by an iPhone expert user/owner and enthusiast to see if his sentiments are in accordance with the title of this post.

In closing, as the sign above states, Even Online It Aint Easy, and although the desire for Pimp Status has been proven to have again increased astronomically, a disclaimer should be offered by stating that the instructions do need to be valid and correct as the disadvantage of being in a Pimpin Position entails that a failure or malfunction on the part of the subject that the instructions were given can lead to a disastrous result for the giver of the input and instructions, and in this case, Siri is just a piece of software where as the giver of instructions is a human being made of flesh and bones able to experience real pain in real time.

A different perspective to consider yet one that may lead to an increased value of the proper how to’s” and its providers.