Apple iPad's Available At Walmart – Friday October 15

In the news, confirming widely circulating rumors, Apple iPads will be on sale  at Walmart, the worlds largest retailer effective Friday, October 15 , 2010.

The news comes as experts predicted the move to be a strategic attempt to  capitalize on the popularity of the product and reach a larger and less tech savvy consumer base for the 2010 holiday shopping season.

This is great news for us as this gadget, that will soon be made more readilly available for shoppers who are not the usual tech enthusiasts who frequent outlets such as The Apple Store, and Best Buy will now be able to experience the mobile web in a way similar to how many are already doing when using their mobile phones which lack the capabilities of an actual laptop personal computer.

As an insider tip,Verizon is scheduled to begin providing data service for iPhones in the first part of 2011, and will more than likely have service plans available for iPad 3G users who may decide to time their purchases accordingly.

Stay Tuned.