The Cain Solutions – Herman Cain’s New “PLAN B” Wesbite Coming Soon

the people will choose
Not Politicians. Not Media Outlets. The people.

Greetings Earthlings!
As a matter of personal prefernce and ideology, although I tend to agree to disagree with the positions and stances of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, I do agree with the idea of creating some form of an online publication outlet with the intent of leveraging clout in the name of influencing social change as the idea is in practice as you are reading this entry.

What we can now do is simply provide a PH media solution by offering different perspectives that allow for a more fair and balanced approach to problem solving and assume Moor of a non partisan stance, similar to the Chairman Of The Board at the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Dr. Ben Bernake, who’s views reflect a line of thought that confirms that regardless of which parties or groups are in power, the monies used in the sociopolitical and economic processes proceed from one central point and likewise return to such said original start point with an increase in interest, just like Your Friendly Neighborhood!

Be sure to check for updates at the website as it is still currently in its developmental phases .

A different perspective to consider.