Status Update – The Truth About Facebook Fan Pages


[stey-tuhs, stat-uhs]

1. the position of an individual in relation to another or others, especially in regard to social or professional standing.

2. state or condition of affairs: Arbitration has failed to change the status of the disagreement.

3. Law . the standing of a person before the law.


Whats good in the hood?
On this end, its a nice beautiful 70 degrees Winter afternoon in Southern California, and due to the fact that it is the day after Christmas, and many are free from the daily constraints that would limit ones abilities to fully absorb or even attain some of the most useful and relevant content on the world wide web, we can get into this valuable piece of pimpformation with a passion.

Simply put, the great news about Facebook Fan Pages is that it confirms what we on this side of the rainbow have been claiming since the year 2002, which is that there is an overwhelming demand for opportunities, ways, and means for individuals to update their status to that which is at least one step above and beyond average, or what we can label as growth through the Avatarzation Of Ones Self.

The not so good news is that Facebook Fan Pages, although seemingly able to automatically elevate ones status is showing to be a vain venture and satisfaction being attained by this course of action is simply not possible nor feasible, as rationally thinking minds would state that the the desire to elevate ones status is an average persons desire, and having the desire in and of itself actually classifies one as average.

More simply put, if it is something that just about anyone and or their momma can and does attempt to do, chances are that what ever is being done is not actually much, also known as mediocre, which is a synonym for average, and having a Fan Page does NOT automatically a V.I.P. one make, hence you have the fine print here at Your Friendly Neighborhood that clearly states for the record that

Even Online, It Aint Easy.

Whether or not the providers of this Fan Page service are aware of the impracticality of it helping individuals to achieve their goals is another story within itself, yet we can simply add our two cents to the discussion in order to see if whether or not it proves to be a very wise investment with an astronomically lucrative R.O.I. due to the fact that the necessary framework and know how, along with the sincere willingness to assist individuals to attain status elevation and satisfaction is available here at for those who are truly willing and able to pay the dues necessary to attain the satisfaction.

2012 is just around the corner, so we recommend that you as a valued viewer simply stay tuned.

An eagles eye perspective to consider.