Good Day LA’s Jillian Barberie Reynolds Believes That Prostitution Should Be Legalized

Good Day LA = Good News Jillian

Jillian Reynolds

Jillian Reynolds (born September 26, 1966), best known by her former name Jillian Barberie, is a Canadian actress, television hostess, and sportscaster. She works on both the Los-Angeles-based morning show Good Day L.A., and on Fox Sports as the weatherperson on Fox NFL Sunday.

T.G.I.M (Thank God it’s Monday) as well as the first workday of the year 2012 in which we Spring Forward.

In this line of work, sometimes you gotta take the news and then proceed to make the news, and today’s story is a bit of a So Cal insider thing that we will share with the rest of the galaxy, so, you see, what had happened was………

As a part of the usual daily start up routine with coffee and the FOX Morning News lineup, today’s Good Day LA show started with some news updates about new developments with the Kony 2012 campaign phenomenon, and then followed up with some news regarding the Millionare Madam case that is now making headlines in mainstream media news circles.

The important part of the story comes in the form of why many of us tune in, which is to get the inside non square social perspective offered by Steve Edwards and Jillian Reynolds on each and every bit of news that reaches their teleprompter which they then look away from and to each other when it’s time to share their personal opinions about the subject matters.

Jillian goes on to say for the record that she wholeheartedly believes that prostitution should be legal and that it is simply a matter of supply and demand, along with Steve Edwards’ more cautious approach which is that while there really are more urgent law enforcement matters to concentrate on, the focus in this regards may be an attempt to prevent the downsides of the institution from developing.

Pussycat Doll Dance Lessons = Good Day LA

My personal views are simply to help you as the viewer to form your own clear opinions as whatever is what it is” in American society tends to be the result of collective views about the subject matter of choice also known as common consensus, and from the looks of it, according to what we see on this Good Day LA news program quite often, a growing positive sentiment revolving around the ideal image above this paragraph and the growing demand for this type of Good Day LA News is beginning to manifest.

Since it (the news) is really nothing more than some programming, let’s see what we can come up with together as a good news perspective to consider.