Evelyn Lozada Says – “You Are A NON MUTHAFUKIN’ FACTOR Bitch”

Evelyn Lozada = Grade A Customer Service!



a person or thing that isn’t special
a zero; zilch
a overly used term to putdown people on a message board
ex. Xira is such a non-factor.
Source: UrbanDictionary.com

You know the rules.
It’s different strokes for different folks, and around these parts, it does at times require that we pull back to the roots and keep it all the way hood and hanlde things appropriately, which in this particular case confirms that certain matters are best to be left to the female folks to be worked out amogst themseleves while we sit back and observe the scenarios to discover what the needs really are in order to effectively serve them.

Simple and plain, the word is FACTOR as in to be or not to be one, along with the how to’s involved, and all social media business and businesses in general can gain vaulable insight from this example as Basketball Wives member Evelyn Lozada’s customer service skills kicked in when she recognized just how much of a factor her HIGH DEFINITION communication was through an overwhelming response from her Twitter following and decided fliped the affair into a lucrative T Shirt venture to go along with her new found fame.

Moral Of The Story-

It’s Most Definitely Official PimpHop.com Approved Activity.
Be sure to check evelynlozada.com for a keepin’ it hood perspective to consider.