Know Thyself – Education Reform Initiatives Numero Uno

Excerpt from Bill’s recent speech at the NAIS Annual Conference on how teaching and learning will be transformed in the decade ahead.

I believe technology can help teachers be more effective and make learning more interesting. I’ve been watching what’s been happening with these technologies very closely. Despite the clear momentum, we are still very early in this movement. There are so many entrepreneurs, so many programs and resources available, it can be challenging to know where to start.

I see four main ‘flavors’ of online learning: reimagining textbooks, scaling our best teachers, connecting through social networks, and personalizing learning.”

Source: Bill Gates @

This week has been an extremely productive one so we may has well close it out on the strength. While conducting some research this week, in a simple and plain way, signs are showing that both health and education are the points of emphasis for the future of information technology development for business as Bill Gates has shifted the majority of his current focus to these two sectors.

How it applies to us on a more down to earth level is when we add in the two cents that confirm that one of the main areas of reform needed in education is a greater emphasis on the knowing ourselves as the social media phenomenon mentioned above in regards to education proves that the most important matter of business and information that each is interested in and looking to attain data about one’s self as offered by others and interestingly enough since I am currently using Microsoft Windows 7 OS to compose this article to be posted on this online publication, my own pictures are what appear on the desktop background image slideshow as I believe it to be one of the most bennificial excercies in regards to self education as well as sound mental health and as friends, I now share the advice and formula with you.

We can and will work out the fine details while we move forward with the
Spring Forward “Higher Learning” proceedings, and end with this video clip from the classic 1999 hit movie The Matrix, at the scene in which The Oracle offers this same piece of advice to Neo in the form of “the writing on the wall” upon the first two minutes of their first encounter with the sign above the door symbolizing that the advice is to be adhered to above all.