Miami Heat Fan Trayvon Martin Was Watching The NBA All Star Game?

Event Recall = The Night In Question

Heat star Dwyane Wade: Shooting death of Trayvon Martin ‘hits home’ as father

MIAMI – Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were only a few kilometres away from Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, participating in the NBA all-star game on the night the unarmed black teenager wearing a hooded sweatshirt was shot to death by a neighbourhood crime-watch volunteer.

They never knew the teenager, but on Friday they decided it was time to speak out — as did many others around the NBA.

Wade posted a photo of himself from a previous photo shoot wearing a hooded shirt, otherwise known as a hoodie, to his Twitter and Facebook pages on Friday morning.

This is not to take sides on this issue of public debate but rather to report the facts as they appear on the screen of the world.

The news states that Trayvon Martin was watching the NBA All Star Game on the night of the tragedy and in later days, the Miami Heat team members upon learning that young Trayvon was a fan added themselves into the story in the form of a protest beginning on Twitter.

As a different tech insider perspective to consider, there is just something very interesting about that there Twitter.