IMPROVEMENT – What Will You Do A Better Job Of Today?



1. an act of improving or the state of being improved.
2. a change or addition by which a thing is improved.
3. a person or thing that represents an advance on another in excellence or achievement: The new landlord is a great improvement over his greedy predecessor.
4. a bringing into a more valuable or desirable condition, as of land or real property; betterment.
5. something done or added to real property that increases its value.

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On this end in regards to the question asked in the title of this post, I will do an even better job of keeping things simple by making effective use of these technology resources along with the even more valuable resource of time in order to set this post in the form of words and pictures in front of myself on the screen as a point of focus and then sharing it with others who share this same screen individually who may find it to be of some use as a different perspective to consider.