COLOMBIAN PROSTITUTES – Studying The Worlds Oldest Profession (Part 3)

Rachel - Woman At The Center Of The Secret Service Affair In Columbia

Now what can we say about this subject now that it has been made safe and ideal to talk about positively or negatively thanks to the services of the US Secret Service and enlisted military personnel?

We must choose our words carefully, and at the same time keep it simple, so from this perspective, I believe that at the end of the day, the women at the center of this discussion are most likely alike in their needs as women, beginning with the desire for online and off line exposure in the name of equating their own worth as discussed last week before news of this international news incident broke as told at this link.


Now if we were to remove all of the negative emotional charge from the scenario, and approach it from a logical business perspective, we could reason that a nearly picture perfect global business model could be gained from this scenario that has been brought to the light as the incident itself was exposed due to bad business practices as the worker did not receive compensation which led her to file a complaint  with the local officials as any business person would do in a scenario where governing bodies have rules and regulations regarding exchange rates and compensation, which in essence was what President Obama’s journey to Columbia to meet with the Colombian Head of State was all about in essence.

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos Calderon greets Mr Obama

United States–Colombia Free Trade Agreement

The United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA) (Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Colombia y Estados Unidos (TLC)), is a bilateral free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia. Sometimes called the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, it was signed on November 22, 2006, by Deputy U.S. Trade Representative John Veroneau and Colombian Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism Jorge Humberto Botero. CTPA is a comprehensive agreement that will eliminate tariffs and other barriers to trade in goods and services between the United States and Colombia.[1]

Colombia’s Congress approved the agreement and a protocol of amendment in 2007. Colombia’s Constitutional Court completed its review in July 2008, and concluded that the Agreement conforms to Colombia’s Constitution. President Obama tasked the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative with seeking a path to address outstanding issues surrounding the Colombia FTA.[2] The United States Congress then took on the agreement and passed it on October 12, 2011.

We also need to take into account the vast amount of business opportunities that have become potentially available after bringing this subject to the light, as the very last entry here at was regarding vacation as a vocation, in which the coffee shop chain known as Starbucks is mentioned, and simple common reasoning indicates that consumers of any type of coffee bean beverage are directly affected by trade agreements with the nation that produces the majority of the beans globally, and while there are no Starbucks locations as of yet in the nation of Colombia, a do it yourself mentality has been implemented in the nation by the creation of a Juan Valdez Cafe in which the products and employment are in sourced.

We also have the motion picture industry as the largest selling non subsidized export of the United States of America with much at stake as countless films have been produced in full or in part in the nation along with inspired stories such as the one below that was released last year which is a story that is now being expanded upon in mysterious ways.


Back to the lecture at hand, it seems to show a type of cultural difference regarding matters of prostitution which can be a challenge when dealing with international affairs along with the Internet and while the story came to the light over a simple matter of a customer skipping a payment, the backlash in America is in regards to what is to be classified as appropriate conduct for Secret Service and Military personnel, and this post is being published in anticipation of the agent who was recently released from the staff who plans to go public with his side of the story in hopes of fighting the claims which led to his termination, which I estimate may reveal some of the most shocking revelations to have ever been aired by US government servicemen and officials, all in the name of interactions with some foreign prostitutes.

One of The Suspended Secret Service Agents Pictured In Egypt On A Social Media Website.


In closing, we can let all of the moral debates play out as they may and simply state from this end, that it seems to be a matter of commerce at the root and a debate over an unpaid debt, yet this one unpaid debt and the subsequent scandal has opened up a path for better trade relations as offering new insight in regards to working business models, job creation, and just some plain old fashioned yet inevitable

Colombian Nightclub - One of the locations of the night in question


Rachel - World Famous Colombian Working Girl


Colombian Working Girls On Foot Patrol

different perspectives to consider.

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