BLISS – A Different Perspective To Consider


Bliss can be a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss. Bliss can also refer to the following:

A word that has been claimed by the conscious community often referring to a state of ecstasy. Also an expression overused by many raw foodists or ‘blissed out’ people in general to describe chocolate or other treats. (coconut bliss, bliss chocolate, berry bliss, etc.)



Captains Log – Stardate June 03, 2012  @ 7:45 AM

Wellness, what had happened was.
As the third day of June 2012 started off in the early dawn hours, some thoughts came to mind about what would be an ideal subject for today’s installment in the name of keeping the flow moving forward in the right and upward direction.

Inspiration then led to the term listed above and an image search on the decision engine BING provided a vast gallery of images featuring the header image that is above in the form of a popular Microsoft Windows Desktop Background theme.

Microsoft is the company behind the decision engine known as Bing, with Bill Gates as its original founder and largest shareholder in the company now in a non executive role with the company that he co founded with Paul Allen, and as stated previously, Bill Gates claimed that the best business advice that he had even been given came from Warren Buffett, which was to “Keep Things Simple”.

In my honest opinion, someone somewhere simply saw fit to ensure that seekers of bliss on the Internet would find this desktop background image theme, and as a result of clearing out my own image galleries on this laptop at the beginning of the month, I discovered the image above this paragraph that was taken on Thursday May 31, 2012, which reflects a working example in which to follow in regards to what we are offering to our valued viewers, which again as usual, begins with the words and their meaning, which again is simply none other than a different perspective to consider.

Stay Tuned.