IDENTIFY YOURSELF – Them There Aint My Problems, These Here Is My Solutions!

Order In The Court = Balance Of The Force



verb (used with object)
1. to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; verify the identity of: to identify handwriting; to identify the bearer of a check.

2. to serve as a means of identification for: His gruff voice quickly identified him.

3. to make, represent to be, or regard or treat as the same or identical: They identified Jones with the progress of the company.

4. to associate in name, feeling, interest, action, etc. (usually followed by with ): He preferred not to identify himself with that group.

5. Biology . to determine to what group (a given specimen) belongs.

Greeting Earthlings!
In the name of effective communication and the maintenance of integrity, for the sake of developing an ideal Life Experience Publication, I Rylan Branch do solemnly consume the following position..

Girl Problems = What I Don’t Have.
Girl Solutions = What I Do Have.
Moral Of The Story  – Them There Aint My Problems, These Here Is My Solutions!
– Rylan Branch

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.

A different perspective to consider and stance to identify with.