WORKING ON THANKSGIVING – Being Thankful For Enjoyable Employment

Welcome Home.
Happy Thanksgiving 2012 to you and yours for those who celebrate.
This is a bit of a different perspective and a break from the norm as it shows on social media websites where we most likely wish each other wellness and share our plans for the goodies that we are scheduled to receive.

On this end, it has been somewhat of a tradition over the past few years, to convert to Judaism, Islam, or other non-mainstream American religions during the holiday season as it is during these times that individuals are most in need of service, which requires that certain souls put their indulgences on hold in order to assist others with the goal of enjoying a happy holiday season, so in that regard, a different perspective to consider in regards to the current slumping economy and unemployment crisis is for us to shift our focus towards developing a stronger work ethic and temporarily lessening our eat ethic to ensure continued prosperity based our decisions to act as such and simultaneously giving thanks for the abilities afforded to us that enable us to decide to control our own destiny.

Thanks to our Creator for the provisions of opportunity and privilege to enjoy our labor.

A thanks given perspective to consider.