Honesty Is The Best Policy – Rylan Branch Life Experience Short Stories 2-6-2013

Can you picture it?

Can you picture it?

(Editors Note – Wednesday February 6, 2013)
Usually, the type of entry that is featured below goes on the social media channels, yet due to the
140 character limit on Twitter, there are many who may not be able in share in the good fortune, so as a solution, today I am utilizing the quick press option on the back end of this publication to get the message out to a broader audience.


(End Note)

“PimpHop Staff
22 minutes ago
#Progress – Again, this time on the other side of the hood burbs in my daily early hour outings, a NICE lady handed me one of these as she was headed to her car and seemed if she wanted me in particular to have it. From my perceptive, which of course is DIFFERENT, a woman handing me some PAPER/NOTES, that she places high value in and wants me to have for my own good = EXACTLY what I LIKE and gladly accept..literally.
Honesty = The BEST Policy!
On with the show—>RB “