MONEY MAGNETS – Dow Jones Hits All Time Highs In March ft. Rachel Minnick

One simple word....FOCUSED!

One simple word….FOCUSED!


Dow Charges to Record Highs; All Sectors Pop

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Major U.S. stock averages maintained strong momentum Tuesday afternoon after the Dow Jones Industrial Average charged ahead and took out all-time highs.

A read on the U.S. services sector, which came in better than expected, helped to further fuel the worldwide momentum.

“We made new highs and I think the rally is going to continue,” said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Rockwell Global Capital. “The reason for that is low interest rates, which have been powerful ingredients for the market. From a technical standpoint, the market continues to strengthen on a daily basis despite negative news. We have signs of technical strength when the market doesn’t fall apart even with negative news.”


Greetings Earthlings and welcome to the first Tuesday Newsday entry for March 2013.
Keeping things simple for those interested in this type of alternative thinking, the Dow Jones Industrial Average along with the global economy is experiencing some credible signs of recovery and growth, so with certain select individuals now having expendable funds to spare, the decision has been made to begin placing the money magnets on the showroom floor, beginning first with Rachel and this single image, which effectively displays her focus on the bright future ahead of us who have decided it for ourselves.

A global economic recovery perspective to consider.