LIKE TO SEE YOU WINNING – Vacation As A Vocation End Of Month Report May 2013



verb (used without object)
1. to finish first in a race, contest, or the like.

2. to succeed by striving or effort: He applied for a scholarship and won.

3. to gain the victory; overcome an adversary: The home team won.
verb (used with object)

4. to succeed in reaching (a place, condition, etc.), especially by great effort: They won the shore through a violent storm.

5. to get by effort, as through labor, competition, or conquest: He won his post after years of striving.

6. to gain (a prize, fame, etc.).

7. to be successful in (a game, battle, etc.).

8. to make (one’s way), as by effort or ability.

Moral of the story

At the end of the day/month, analysis is showing that a social media website like Facebook is a dot com with users who do have a tendency and perhaps secret desire to see others loosing (fail), and unfortunately, that is something that I as the creator of this entry is not good at and do not have a knack for.

Fortunately PimpHop exists as a dot com that is comprised of users that do have a tendency and perhaps transparent desire to see others winning (succeed), and that is something that I as the creator of this entry is good at and do have a knack for, which all beginning with observing that matter from an “on vacation” perspective, and then acting and achieving accordingly.

"Like to see you winning."- Rylan Branch

“Like to see you winning.”
– Rylan Branch

To Good Health!