POPIPIN’ MOLLY – Are You With It Or Against It?


1. molly

15125 up, 14318 down

Abr. of ‘molecular’.

Pure form of MDMA (ecstasy), usually a free powder or in capsules. Oftentimes MDA is sold as molly. Should be white in color (when it’s pure) but is more often beige or yellow-brown, and sometimes brown or rarely gray.

Me and my girl chopped a 1/2 gram of molly into 4 lines last night and we each inhaled one. rolled balls for 5 hours straight. pure love and cuddles all the way.

Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=molly

Moral of the story

Welcome Home!

For the record.

What this entry is not is an advertisement by PimpHop.com for or against the drug and emerging cultural trend that is linked to it.

What this is is simply a chance for us to open up a dialog about the subject of Molly Poppin” to asses the amount of interest in the subject from our valued viewers in order to consider the matter from a variety of different perspectives.