Am I #Impressed Or #NotImpressed ? Vacation As A Vocation ft. #TyraBanks

Tyra Banks Sep 3, 2013 No face. Just fierce...and juicy thighs. Sending bikini love to my girls with some curves & bootay! #fierceyovacation

Tyra Banks via Google+
Sep 3, 2013
“No face. Just fierce…and juicy thighs. Sending bikini love to my girls with some curves & bootay! #fierceyovacation”


Born: Tyra Lynne Banks

December 4, 1973 (age 39)
Inglewood, California, U.S.


Television host

Years active 1993–present
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

Official Website :
Twitter: @tyrabanks

Moral of the story

Mental Note To Self.

Its vacation as a vocation with a perfect demonstration provided by Tyra with this current #fierceyovacation movement that she has going.

If there is anyone in the world who can be considered as an expert in regards to how “real magazines” and the business of media works, it is none other than Tyra Banks, yet along with the Southern California street smarts that she has been afforded which is the core essence of her career approach, we can also see how she is also able to use the most simple of means and minimal resources while utilizing her natural slanguage to present an even more effective message to working women of the world who look to her for guidance and inspiration while still knowing how real magazines are supposed to work for the sake of creating something that works even better as working women do.

In closing since this in fact an actual publication that features well known along with non well known leaders and public figures that are all working towards one common cause which is self betterment and the betterment of the society in which we exist simultaneously, we can sit back and enjoy the show and vacation as provided by Tyra simultaneously while following the valuable advice given by Warren Buffett as a means to securing Americas continued future economic prosperity, which is to invest generously into the worthy working women of the nation as told at the link below.



WOMEN AND MONEY – Economic Prosperity According To Warren Buffett (Magna Carta Holy Grail PH Remix)




An impressed individuals perspective to consider.