RESPECT THE GAME – Jessica Red In New “For A Week” Video With Mike Jay, Too $hort, And YG

Moral of the story

Well, you see, what had happened was…….

If you tuned in to yesterdays show, you saw the introduction of the new “embedded tweets” option now being offered to online publications by Twitter.

While conducting some game analysis last night, we came across Too $hort’s Twitter account which shows him Keepin The Pimpin Forever International with Twista over in London England performing and retweeting with none other than Lady Gaga, his new partner in rhyme, and in the process, he saw fit to take some time out of his hectic scheduled to add a retweet on his page from Jessica Red aka Two Inked as seen above for the new “For A Week” video from Mike Jay featuring Too $hort and Y.G.

We then went over to her Twitter page, clicked the follow button, and saw a Tweet from the likes of Diddy regarding the same video as seen below.

Blah, blah, blah, and,………….. we are staying true to our mission here at that states that while we cannot honestly expect to make all of the working women of the world into famous megastars, we can and will just continue to focus on the 75-100 million of them that we can and will make into world famous megastars, which shows to be as a result of them getting started, having/keeping a positive attitude, and respecting the game, as demonstrated by Jessica Red and endorsed by the likes of Too $hort in the form of a follow and retweet from him in exchange for a job well done.

It’s Social Media Show Biz 101, and we can show you better than we can tell you, so keep it “P”, and be sure to stay tuned in and tell a friend, and analyze the game from a new and improved perspective.