FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE – Jay Z And Beyonce Top Forbes Celebrity 100 List 2013


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Since it is Saturday/What Really Matters Day, the decision has been made to prepare for the upcoming Autumn Fall 2013 season so that we may fall back and at the same time move forward with ease.

Overall, it appears to yours truly as the author of this post, that while everyone must start somewhere, which is usually from a small place, there are some of us who grow and evolve, and others of us who do not, which I believe is simply a matter of focus.

With that said, in order to add clear visuals in regards to the types of attitudes, which lead to the type of actions and results received by both Jay Z and Beyonce, we will fall back to two popular songs from the valuable and ultra relevant catalogs of each artist from both a male and female perspective (duality), and see how they both when combined, manifest in the big picture results that we are witnessing via

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.

An Independent/Big Pimpin perspective to consider.