ADD VALUE TO YOU – PH October 2013 Closing Remarks



[val-yoo] noun, verb, val·ued, val·u·ing.
1. relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.
2. monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: This piece of land has greatly increased in value.
3. the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.
4. equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.: to give value for value received.
5. estimated or assigned worth; valuation: a painting with a current value of $500,000.

"Here's Looking @You." -Rylan Branch

“Here’s Looking @You.”
-Rylan Branch

Moral of the story

Happy Halloween if you celebrate as yours truly as the author of this entry has decided to dress up like his favorite superhero as seen in the first featured image of this entry for this years festivities!

According to a recently released study and discussion as listed below via Bill Gates on Twitter,

the economy in essence is simple transactions that are driven by human nature, and the word on the streets since the days of old is that the first LAW OF NATURE, is SELF PRESERVATION, a concept that can be analyzed at the following link, via

A different perspective to consider.