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"Smokin on diiiiiiiiiz Headband OG" - Nikole Blower

“Smokin on diiiiiiiiiz Headband OG” – Nikole Blower

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“Some say it’s all fate, but I say we control our lives
and if my destiny should outbest me then that’s fine”


‘I like weed, and I’m a good person’: Pot smokers fight stereotypes

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By Jareen Imam, CNN
updated 12:12 PM EST, Fri January 17, 2014

(CNN) — Lighting up a freshly packed pipe is just the kind of afternoon delight iReporter robcat20 likes after dealing with a stressful day at work as an insurance agent. Usually he’ll put on a movie from Netflix while enjoying a good smoke from Stella, his pipe.

There’s just one problem: Smoking marijuana is illegal in his state of Ohio.

Robcat20, who asked not to be identified by name because he fears being “labeled as a bad person” in his small town, says it’s time that changed.

“I like weed, and I’m a good person,” he wrote on CNN iReport. “I am a successful businessman, a loving father, devoted husband, registered Republican, active in my community with charities, church and I give piano lessons in the evenings to children with disabilities.”

The 33-year-old is not the only one who wants pot prohibition laws amended. A recent CNN/ORC International survey indicated a growing appetite for cannabis, with more than 55% of people across the United States saying marijuana should be legalized. More than half the respondents said they have tried it themselves.

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Moral of the story (Thinking Out Loud)

Focus: Let Us Create Enjoyable And Well Paying Jobs.

With all of the changes taking place with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana sales in the state of Colorado, upcoming initiatives for the state of Washington, current medical marijuana legalization in a few other states, and most importantly, the growing public sentiment that reflects the desire for the removal of it’s prohibition for legal adults all together, we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood have done the smart thing and thought in advance by recognizing that like any other business, the cannabis industry has created a demand for effective advertising and suitable advertising outlets along with a demand for promotional models who can demonstrate the change in public acceptance, which we can classify as new millennium Bud-Wiser Girls and Mary Jane Girls!

medicine man

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Nikole is a local Southern California girl who can and does show you the clear picture of change for the better way better than we can tell you, and is an asset to yours truly as she is an “in the know” individual who keeps us up to date on the emerging trends that “kool kids” would deem as relevant including but not limited to the insider news for the insiders regarding the up coming Cochella Music Festival and all of the smaller yet related So Cal events and trend setting artists leading up to the final kick off, all while utilizing the power of social media in a business capacity as a young working woman, who thinks and acts from a unique and forward moving perspective, is bound to offer for our consideration and viewing pleasure.

Again, just thinking out loud while simultaneously keeping the show on the road and moving forward.