A LOOK BACK – Facebook Movies Can Help You To Move Forward. Click Here To Learn Why

Screen Shot from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook "A Look Back" Movie.

Screen Shot from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook “A Look Back” Movie.


Moral Of The Story

With so many souls using the Facebook Social Network services for their own personal and business ventures, we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com have seen fit to actually lend a helping hand to the helpers at Facebook.com by demonstrating the effectiveness of both services simultaneously.

It is of no secret that individuals tend to have their own self interests in mind and at herat when utilizing online services, and a starring role in any feature that shows them in a positive light has been proven to be a hit numerous times here at PimpHop.com Life Experience Magazine.

The Facebook “A Look Back” service app is useful to individuals due to the fact that it rearranges the content that they have already posted on the website in a way that helps them to see themselves moving forward in chronological order and acknowledge their own progress by starting them off at a point in the past and then telling the story up to the present time, as a compliment to those active users who have been using the service for a long enough period during its10 year existence.

The next stage of progress and innovation would then be to provide a service that helps individuals to look forward, to the future, so that they may now have a destination point to move towards and can then utilize their time and timeline resources to effectively monitor and manage their own growth and progress in regards to the achievement of their pre set goals, which would simply be the same exact concept, with an added plus, forward thinking and moving perspective for individuals to consider.