FRANKIE & ALICE STARRING HALLE BERRY – Fictional Story Or “P” True Hollywood Story?


Frankie & Alice

Frankie & Alice is a 2010 Canadian drama film directed by Geoffrey Sax starring Halle Berry. Filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia, in November 2008 and ended in January 2009. To qualify for awards season, the film opened in a limited release on December 10, 2010. It is a true story about a popular black go-go dancer/stripper in the ’70s who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.



Frankie is a black woman with dissociative identity disorder, caused by a traumatic incident from her childhood, which she has repressed. She has two alters: Genius, a seven-year-old child; and Alice, a Southern white racist woman, whom Frankie struggles to overcome. With the help of her psychiatrist, Frankie strives to live a life close to normal.


Moral Of The Story



Another “P” True Hollywood Story!