PUTTIN’ IN WORK – A Follow Up To The “Opportunities” Post Starring Draya Michele


“If you don’t know anything about Draya, you better know she’s about her business.”
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Moral Of The Story (Solution)


(Repost) OPPORTUNITIES – Let’s Make Lots of Money Starring Draya Michele

This is just a follow up to the post at the hyperlink above from 3 days ago, as well as an execution of the idea of investing our attention, time, and resources, A.K.A. our energies, into exactly what it is that we like to see, in order to see it into existence, and as a matter of personal record, we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com like to see working girls work most best, so much so that we invented an online life experience publication that honors, supports,  rewards, and brings awareness to just that.

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An economically sound perspective to consider.