STICK 2 THE SCRIPT – Chris Rock In The 2014 BET Awards Writer’s War Room



Personal Note To Self (Thinking Out Loud)

This is just a reminder to myself and a form of rational therapy for what I sometimes experience during these times, which is the feeling of being out of touch by not being out at the main event and subsequent before and after events with some imagery to post on the social media websites to show my own relevance, yet thanks to some valuable insight from brother Chris Rock, I am reminded of the facts that none of the events, side events, entertainment services, and job opportunities attached to each can exist without someone sitting “in the cut and doing the work of writing the script in order for the show to exist and go on in the first place, as pictured above with Chris Rock and the fellow Viacom staff writers in a pre game warmup session, as well as my own-self in front of this keyboard stroking these keys as a means of scripting a different perspective to consider.