YESTERDAY-TODAY-TOMORROW – 3 Things That We All Have In Common. PH Timeline Management Solutions

Born Yesterday


[yes-ter-dey, -dee]
1. on the day preceding this day.
2. a short time ago: Yesterday your money went further.
3. the day preceding this day.
4. time in the immediate past.
5. belonging or pertaining to the day before or to a time in the immediate past: yesterday morning.



1. this present day: Today is beautiful.
2. this present time or age: the world of today.
3. on this present day: I will do it today.
4. at the present time; in these days: Today you seldom see horses.
5. Informal. of the present era; up-to-date: the today look in clothing styles.




[tuh-mawr-oh, -mor-oh]
1. the day following today: Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.
2. a future period or time: the stars of tomorrow.
3. on the morrow; on the day following today: Come tomorrow at this same time.
4. at some future time: We shall rest easy tomorrow if we work for peace today.

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Greetings Earthlings and Welcome Home!

Authentically speaking, the ways I sees it, is like this here.

Every single person whether successful or unsuccessful, has 24 hours under the sun each day, a body to use to make moves with, and a mind to be used to make decisions with in regards to how to invest those resources, and ones subsequent life results (status) over time are a direct result of ones own mental decisions and body movement (actions).

As for yours truly, I decided to use my mind and fingertips to set my timeline into proper alignment so that I can make the best investment decisions possible, and leave some on the table for those who are following along and wish to utilize this different yet valid perspective for their own consideration.