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PH Is Now Hiring! Inquire within for more details.

PH Is Now Hiring! Inquire within for more details.

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Originally Published on 22 April 2009 @ 9:45

Welcome Home And T.G.I.M. ( Thank Goddess Its Monday).

Its the same old/new story on this end which is in the form of the following question

Is she bad?

Click the underlined link above for further details about “The Best Or Nothing” cause/effect, and be sure to reference the pimpformation below regarding the facts of how Mercedes-Benz came to be.

Mercedes cars are named after an Austrian girl

In 1897, Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek, traveled from his home in Nice, France to purchase a car from the Daimler factory in Cannstatt, Germany. On his return to the French Riviera, his sporting Daimler Phoenix caused such a sensation that he decided to enter it into a local touring competition, under the name of “Mercedes” after his favorite 9 year old daughter. Realizing the business potential for the new car, he not only placed an order for 36 more, but also secured the franchise for selling them in several countries. Gottlieb Daimler also agreed to having them sold under the name of “Mercedes.”


See: Mercedes cars are named after an Austrian girl

On with the show!

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Today 22 April 2009 marks an important event.

From what the numbers and recent signs are showing, it is time for us to give you an even more in depth view of what this cause/brand represents.

In the business of entertainment via 2009 with New Media slowly approaching the status of Main Stream,

making it the New Main Stream a.k.a. Game Stream, the saturation of women on the internet with a desire to reach stardom has been overwhelming for some. Due to the fact that the Internet has somewhat equalized the playing field, it has at the same time led to a saturation of the market, which actually shows to be undermining the value of the content.

Its the same thing over and over again, yet it does not detour many women from putting forth at least a minimal effort at presenting themselves to the world at large. It would require a lengthy explanation as to why I have the information to share with you, yet at the end of the day, like many things, there is actually a DEEPER CAUSE and INNER MEANING behind why this phenomenon is so prevalent at this point in the worlds history. Call it a spiritual matter for the sake of this discussion.

Therefore, I invite you to go ahead and preview the video clip below, which is an actual demonstration of what the true desire is regarding this new age phenomenon on the Internet.

What we are witnessing is known as the Goddess Principle , in philosophical circles, and who better than me to asses it? In order for it to continue to flourish and continue on its natural course , it needs to be brought to the frontal point of your awareness.

We are not scarred to take you there, so this will be the only entry from me for today as the time has come to thoroughly concentrate on this initiative.

Please be sure to note that the criteria has nothing to do with ethnicity,culture, or any other form of division amongst humans, as this tendency is spread through out the world, which has become a smaller place due to the connection capabilities of the web.

In closing, from this point forward, when you behold the following image,


it can be classified as a call to action, which leaves you with the choice of involvement, and to what extent if any you wish to participate.

Got It?

Good, now on with the show

See You At The Top

( And Bring A Friend!!)


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R. Branch

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Article originally re-published on May 20, 2014 by Rylan Branch