I AM A NON CONFORMIST – Your Opinion Of Me Is None Of My Business By Tiffany Larson

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Your opinion of me is none of my business!

It’s crazy how much we get caught up in what we think others think about us. “What will he say if I do this..” “What will she think if I say that..” Whether we know it our not.. we find ourselves worshiping “The God Of What Other People Think!”

How amazing would it be.. if for even 20 seconds.. we lives our lives without any fear of what someone might think of us??

Now imagine if those 20 second became a minute and then an hour and than a day.. and pretty soon.. you end up living this amazing life. Because now.. instead of living out of fear.. you are living for yourself.. your passions and dreams, throwing up a mental middle finger, and living the life you’ve always wanted to live!

So.. are you brave enough to live those 20 seconds without fear of being judged by someone else!? That 20 seconds could change your life if you’re ready to take the first step!

So what are you waiting for!?!?