(Repost) World’s Oldest Profession (Part 2) – A Lesson In Customer Satisfaction (How To Please A Man)

(Editors Note – Tuesday August 26, 2014)

Now, I endorse this message I endorse this message
I am Nicki Minaj and I support this message [x2]
Now, I endorse these strippers I endorse these strippers
I am Nicki Minaj and I support these strippers [x2]

“I Endorse These Strippers”
– Nikki Minaj (feat. Tyga & Thomas Brinx)


(End Note)


Course Title: Pole Dancing 101 – General Education Requirement @ PH University!


(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday.
Yeah, I know, but the fact of the matter is that with all of the confusion and discord taking place regarding male female intimacy in America, including but not limited to high divorce rates, same-sex marriage propositions, and Catholic priest breaking their celibacy vows, I believe this post may be of some use for those who can picture it as such.

In the previous entry regarding this subject, another documentary from National Geographic was listed in the YouTube file collection and it is one that in my opinion, needs to be reviewed as word on the streets are claiming that women who do not wish to see their male partners venture into certain environments have become increasingly interested in taking lessons from professional women in or from these environments in hopes of playing these roles in the privacy of their own homes or rented places of residence i.e. (pole dancing and exotic dancer classes, etc.)

Anyhow, if interested and you have made it this far, I invite you to focus in on the story that begins at the 2:26 point of this video, and make a note of particular scene at point 5:00 of the clip to observe the facial expressions of the characters and record it to memory as a functional perspective to consider.

Article originally published on Feb 10, 2012 @ 19:38