WE GOT IT ON DECK!! – Facebook’s New “Looking For” Status Update Is A Game Changer #FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

looking for
on deck

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

As of just recently, Facebook has added alooking for” option under the emoticon status update for users to easily and directly communicate their needs to the users on the other end of the line who are on the receiving end of the message, yet we can find no official” tech write up about the new feature leaving us to have to create one for ourselves with some easy to understand urban lingo, so lets see what we can come with up together, shall we?

Simply put, while scrolling through the options, with some serious and some humorous search listings, yours truly came to the conclusion that in life, in all actuality, whatever someone is looking for, is what someone else on the planet has, is, or can do, and whatever someone has, is, or can do, is what someone somewhere is searching for, which is what I believe led to the creation of human communication to begin with, which was to exchange data regarding supply and demand, so we hope that this non technical layman’s description will reach those who are looking for and in need of it as well as another different perspective to consider.