WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT – Welcome To City Girl Savings, LLC Starring Founder & President Raya Reaves


Raya Reaves

Founder & President of City Girl Savings, LLC. (@citygirlsavings) SAG Actress, Print Model, Entrepreneur B.S. Degree in Finance

Empowerment (World Bank Definition)

Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. Central to this process are actions which both build individual and collective assets, and improve the efficiency and fairness of the organizational and institutional context which govern the use of these assets. Learn More

It’s almost here! www.citygirlsavings.com launching January 1, 2015! #staytuned #CGS Follow @CityGirlSavings

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Moral Of The Story (Solution)

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City Girl Savings is passionate about empowering women to achieve financial goals while leading a fashionable lifestyle and promoting independence. http://www.citygirlsavings.com


An enormously empowered and world changing perspective to consider.