#MILF’S NEED LIKES TOO? – The Psychology Of A Trick And #SocialMedia Made Simple


Moral Of The Story (Solution)


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In the name of keeping this online publication sustaining and increasing in value by being the only one that one can find this type of pimpformation, which according to the likes of social media and urban dictionary, is increasing in demand due to the language being used slowly but surely becoming the primary language of the web and subsequent thought and action process, we present to the following.

Tuning in to the term “LIKE” which is the third term of the abbreviated term #MILF, we ask both men and women of the world to question if whether or not the likes that they give and receive, or hope to receive, from their input into the popular online social networking services is a communication that says that the “liked” individual in question is liked according to their personal self minus any sexual innuendo, or if they mean like/desire to F*CK the sexual object in question as stated (Mom I’d LIKE To F*KC) with full blown sexual innuendo, and if their awareness is at a point where individuals can honestly distinguish between the two totally different yet similar sounding message meanings, as clear and honest communication is stated by experts to be a primary component to any and all healthy relationships and or business transactions among human beings.


A different perspective to consider.