IT’S TINASHE NOW, AND AGAIN!!! – A “P” True Hollywood Story Starring Um…. Tinashe



Tinashe Jørgensen Kachingwe (born February 6, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, director, and former model. Her name means “God Is With Us” in her father’s native language, Shona

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This pressure ain’t for everybody… ♒️

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Moral Of The Story (Hollywood/Showbiz Solution)


Its A PH Firday The 13th Special News Edition, So Peep Game Tho!

Authentically speaking, the stuff that comes from the finger tips of yours truly, is coming from the perspective of a person who is fully aware of the fact that when it comes to movies and television shows that Charlie Sheen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tinashe, or pretty much anybody has or will ever star in, they actually work on scripts, and while even online it aint easy, somebody’s gotta write them shits tho!

Now if we look at the above YouTube reel from Tinashe’s feature on the controversial show Two And A Half Men, we can get into the “P” True Hollywood stories about Charlie Sheen, or Michael Clark Duncan, yet in this particular case, since we were just talking about religion in the last post that featured Tinashe as seen above, we can set our clocks back a few years, and peep game on the events that happened with Angus T. Jones that played Jake on the Two And A Half Men show, when left the show for religious reasons and then went and joined a cult started by the dude Christopher Hudson and the Forerunner Chronicles YouTube movement, and ponder on whether or not the truth and light that both they (Jones and Hudson), as well as Charlie Sheen were actually searching for was actually right next to them, hidden in plain sight, in the form of Tinashe, which again can be reviewed by clicking on the article image above and referencing the Wikipedia bio info under the feature header image.

Regardless of the fact that the awaited Great Escape Tour featuring Iggy Azalea, Nick Jonas, and Tinashe was pushed forward to later in the year, and Tinashe has her new mixtape coming out on March 16th entitled “Amethyst” which interestingly enough is actually Iggy Azalea’s government name (Amethyst Amelia Kelly), from the looks of it, once again its on the the flow as well as the show, which ever way we choose to see it.


Stay Tuned!

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.