PROVIDE SOLUTIONS РServing Needs And Collecting Proceeds Is The Winning Formula Starring Beyonc̩


“Baby what you want me to buy
My accountant’s waiting on the phone”

Suga Mama
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1. the act of solving a problem, question, etc.:
The situation is approaching solution.

2. the state of being solved:
a problem capable of solution.

3. a particular instance or method of solving; an explanation or answer:
The solution is as good as any other.

the process of determining the answer to a problem.
the answer itself.

Suga Mama = Rylan Branch’s Favorite Beyoncé Song Of All Time!

Moral Of The Story (We’ve Got Solutions For Days!)


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Truth be told, it really does show over and over again that Beyoncé has a “mama make it all better” mentality as a woman of high worth, in the sense that she is always seen coming to the table of life, whether online of off line, with solutions and satisfaction for others as opposed to coming to the table of life with problems that would make her dependent on others for solutions and satisfaction, and while it may seem to most that one could think and act as such only after the point in which they reach her level of success, the actual truth may show to be the reverse in the sense that her level of success was and is attained only after one thinks and acts as such, beginning first with the consideration of a tried and true winning in life perspective.