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my first love! Thank you @clm91302 & @forgiato for my custom wheels A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


Moral Of The Story (Pimped Out Social Media Solution)


“Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. ” – Tony Robbins

Now, how do we say this in English?
With all things including but not limited to vehicles and women, both of which tend to be referred to as “she” with a feminine pronoun, you’ve got your levels of quality, one being Average Joe/Jane level, and the other being a Pimped-Out level. Now interestingly enough, two things have now happened that reflect a change for the better before the start of the afternoon on Tuesday June 9, 2015.

One is as listed in the embedded tweets above, demonstrating the demand for excellence in regards to preferred styles of travel for some digital era CEO’s in the form of their “pimped-out” vehicles, with this news coming from a reputable news source known as Bloomberg Business, which is widely read by those who are good at business, hence their Twitter handle, which is @Business, now added into the mix of this post for a more pimped-out social media experience!

Secondly, just to make sure that we are connecting the dots in a most pimpalicious way, the decision was made to add in some imagery from the likes of Kylie Jenner on Instagram, and it appears that as of today, Instagram has upgraded/pimped-out their service by revamping the web browser version of the site making it easier to find what one is looking for and displaying what one is offering while eliminating the distractions that come with all of the extra side content.

Lastly, since 2003, we here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com have always been a standard bearer of excellence with a sworn duty to separate the good stuff from the junk as stated here in our 2010 Bi- Annual Report, and now that we have others on board who are more comfortable with the terminology that goes with the ideology, we will just continue on with our mission of showcasing that which represents “Official Pimpin” status working in conjunction with the most popular online social networking websites and apps, leaving an encouraging open invitation to those who may wish to have their names, faces, and brands featured as a representation of this new and improved “pimped-out” standard of excellence, resulting in what is stated below

as a torch bearer of excellence and light perspective for the galaxy to consider.