THE GOAL – Create And Offer Something That Has A Positive Effect On Her Soul (Open Letter)


Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

(Editors Note – Wednesday June 10, 2015)
Article originally published: May 19, 2015 by Rylan Branch

Lets see how we can make this work.

Now you see, what had happened was…..
During my self imposed social media fast break a few weeks ago, I was working behind the scenes making magic happen, and was in a conversation and prepping an interview with a certain individual and her team, whose identity will be kept anonymous till further notice, yet it proves again to be another interesting chapter in this ongoing story because I usually create a rough draft private sketch to demonstrate what is in mind when asked this question or receive this reply.

“Could you please give me a call at ***-488-3631 and we can discuss what you all have in mind thank you.”

Anyhow, her Instagram account, which was growing in popularity at the time due to some interesting reasons, is not longer active, due to what may be some even more interesting reasons that I am not even aware of, yet what I am aware of and will act on today is that the actual idea and vision is much much greater than any one individual including my own self, so in the name of transparency, the decision was made to just convert it into an open letter and post it for the public to see, while removing the names and identity of those involved in order to both protect and perfect the diligent!

More simply put, a scan through both my personal and business email and our social media direct message accounts show invites to a select few women to come and what?

You guessed correctly.

Come and help build an intergalactic megachurch, mosque, synagogue, or temple!

Can you picture it tho?

(End Note)


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The Goal


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The goal is to create and offer something that has a positive effect on her soul just like a church, temple, or mosque, following the advice of Bill Gates as listed in the article up above who is currently the richest person on the planet.