#LetGirlsLearn – PH Is Big Pimpin In Politics Starring Michelle Obama


Hosting The 2013 Academy Awards From The White House


Moral Of The Story (Political Pimpin Solution)


This is just a plug for the FLOTUS and her efforts as just recently posted on Twitter for the #LetGirlsLearn initiative, which is just a good old fashioned smart decision and wise investment of time and resources on the part of Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com.

Now when it comes to certain questions that we are asked and even ask ourselves sometimes, like how in the world we can have the guts to be talking about some Big Pimpin in Hollywood, combined with global education for girls, with Michelle Obama’s name mixed in, and have it work most effectively, even though she did offer a special host segment at the end of the 2013 Academy Awards, presenting the Best Picture award to Argo, representing live and direct from The White House and posted on the big screen at the Kodak Theater, which is an exact demonstration of what is stated in the Twitter embedded Columbia Pictures image and caption, live from the District Of Columbia, we can just chalk it up to the fact that we, like you, are still learning and growing as we go, so we invite you to stay tuned in and tell a friend so that we can all have our questions answers by way of The First Lady who is full of quite a few different and world changing perspectives of her own to consider.