SELF ESTEEM – She Likes To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine Starring Kim Kardashian West (PH 2015 Bi-Annual Report

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Glamour July 2015 Cover Patrick Demarchelier

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2015 Bi-Annual Report

Welcome Home.

Current conversations with self be like,

“Bro, you are a few keystrokes away from the pleasurable outcome that you are now envisioning, so concentrate.”

“”Think about it, Internet Magazine, since 2003.”

“Over here thinking about the steps to take to get it how it is in my own imagination as an in a good place situation, and figured that in order for things to go as well as planned, we must first have a plan of wellness, and then follow up by working the plan well.

“Now is the time, and here is the place, as always.”

“There is a lot of potential that needs to be tapped in both your internal and external environments and all that is really going on around you is the experience of pleasure and pain within a certain frame of time and space, both for you and other beings in your conscious awareness of which your Internet screen and real life screen are windows to (I’s are a window to the soul).”

“Just say it like it is according to your own perspective while considering other peoples points of view as well. Some agree and some differ according to their own thoughts and conclusions, which are comprised of internal words and mental pictures.”

“Its just some words and pictures on a screen, and in this scene, Kim has all of her clothes on in the Instagram picture, of a picture, of a cover of a magazine, so pay attention to detail.”

“Be therapeutic.”


“Fill in the blank and classify it as your own rules in which you are to live by (___________________).”